Study Purpose

  • The coflex®COMMUNITY study is an observational study for real-conditions-of-use patients treated with the coflex device for lumbar spinal stenosis. This prospective, non-randomized study will be conducted by SPIRITT in conjunction with surgeons at centers across the United States who have an interest in research about their patients’ outcomes with coflex.
  • Using validated questionnaires in a unique electronic format, SPIRITT will collect patient-reported outcomes preoperatively and at scheduled time points out to five years postoperatively. This study will also collect surgeon-reported data pre-operatively, intra-operatively, and at any post-operative office visits.


Patient Eligibility

Surgeons participating in the coflex®COMMUNITY study will determine the eligibility of their coflex patients based on the study protocol, and will offer eligible patients the opportunity to participate.

List of Participating Surgeons

Interested in participating?

Email us at:

Or Call: 314-738-8026

Dr. Mohamed Abdulhamid

Arizona Brain & Spine Center

Dr. Thomas Guido Andreshak

Consulting Orthopaedic Associates

Dr. Hyun W. Bae

The Spine Institute, Center for Spinal Restoration

Dr. Steven M. Bailey


Dr. Harvinder S. Bedi

AZ Integrated Neuro Spine & Pain

Dr. James B. Billys

The B.A.C.K. Center

Dr. Tuan L. Bui


Dr. Jeffrey B. Cantor

Cantor Spine Institute

Dr. R. Scott Cowan

New England Orthopedic Surgeons

Dr. Devin K. Datta

The B.A.C.K. Center

Dr. Stephen M. David

Blue Ridge Bone & Joint – EmergeOrtho

Dr. Reginald J. Davis

Laser Spine Institute

Dr. William A. Earman, Jr.

Palos Medical Group

Dr. Ira D. Fisch


Dr. Matthew F. Gornet

The Orthopedic Center of St. Louis

Dr. James A. Guess


Dr. Mark J. Hornyak

Bassett Healthcare

Dr. Douglas B. Kasow


Dr. Mohammed F. Khan

North Jersey Brain & Spine Center

Dr. David K. Kim


Dr. Reginald Q. Knight

Bassett Healthcare

Dr. Adam Lipson

IGEA Brain & Spine

Dr. Yi Lu

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Dr. Michael MacMillan


Dr. Brett G. Menmuir

Laser Spine Institute

Dr. Anil K. Nair

IGEA Brain & Spine

Dr. Omar N. Osmani

Spine & Orthopedic Center of New Mexico

Dr. Paul J. Pagano

All Florida Orthopaedics

Dr. John H. Peloza

Center for Spine Care

Dr. G. Jeffrey Poffenbarger

Bighorn Medical Center

Dr. David Poulad

IGEA Brain & Spine

Dr. Ciro G. Randazzo

IGEA Brain & Spine

Dr. David S. Raskas

Orthopedic & Spine Institute of St. Louis

Dr. Patrick A. Roth

North Jersey Brain & Spine Center

Dr. Thomas B. Scully

Northwest NeuroSpecialists

Dr. Larry Shannon

Bassett Healthcare

Dr. Carrie L. Shulman

Laser Spine Institute

Dr. Harshpal Singh

North Jersey Brain & Spine Center

Dr. D. Troy Trimble

The Orthopaedic Institute

Dr. Timothy A. VanFleet

Orthopedic Center of Illinois

Dr. Roy D. Vingan

North Jersey Brain & Spine Center

Dr. Michael C. Weiss

Laser Spine Institute

Dr. Richard N. W. Wohns


Who We Are


  • The sponsor of the coflexCOMMUNITY study is Predicted, Reported, and Observed Outcomes Foundation (PROOF), a not-for-profit organization. The mission of PROOF is to advance the practice of medicine by supporting highly impactful clinical research studies and education that benefit clinicians, patients and other stakeholders who seek quality research evidence that improves the lives of patients.


  • SPIRITT Research is a patient-centric evidence development and specialty clinical research services organization. SPIRITT has been selected by PROOF to conduct the coflex®COMMUNITY study in partnership with participating surgeons throughout the United States.
  • To learn more about SPIRITT, visit